About Keeper’s Coppicing

HornbeamKeepers Coppicing is a small woodland based business in the heart of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in East Sussex.

We offer all kinds of services from the construction of rose arbors, trellis frames, fencing and custom built chestnut gates to hedge restoration work and coppice regeneration.

Wherever possible we like to work locally using natural materials taken from our coppiced woodland. Tailoring our services like this helps us in our aim of restoring the woodland to a working coppice.

Find out more about the woodland, why we coppice it, and why this is such a good thing.

This year we have been cutting sweet chestnut which is not only a beautiful wood to look at, but very durable and long lasting.

It’s high tannin content makes it an excellent material for outdoor furniture and and other products needing to withstand the weather.

Rustic Furniture

Rustic Furniture

Bespoke, rustic, sweet chestnut furniture which blurs the distinction between artistic creation and function. Unlike the plastic flat pack furniture so common to DIY and garden centres, the furniture I make from the coppiced woodland is 100% natural and sustainable.
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Hedge Restorations

Hedge restorations

Hedges are an important feature of the landscape in this part of the country. As boundaries or barriers, they hold many advantages over wire or wooden fencing.
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