Hedge Restorations

Hedge restorationsHedges are an important feature of the landscape in this part of the country.   As boundaries or barriers, they hold many advantages over wire or wooden fencing.

  • They provide food and shelter for wildlife.
  • They increase biodiversity.
  • Managed properly they can be as stock or animal proof as a wire fence.
  • You may be able to get support in the form of a grant to help with some of the  costs of planting a new hedge, or restoring an old one.
  • They look much better and are continually providing interest as they change with the seasons.

Many native hedges will have been planted 100’s of years ago, some still managed as hedges, having been layed, pollarded or coppiced many times, others are unrecognisable as a hedge, more a line of full grown trees which is what all hedges aspire to be eventually!

Whatever state your hedge is in, we can advise on the best way of managing it to meet it’s purpose. Be it a screen, boundary, wildlife habitat or animal proof barrier.  We can also supply, plant and advise about species selection for new hedges.

Coppice Restoration

Coppice restorations

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Bespoke construction


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